Bobby Coyte Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach in Chiswick
 M: 0787 127 6851

"My writing is nothing, my boxing is everything."

~Ernest Hemmingway

Personal Trainer & Boxing Lessons

Boxers have the best physiques! The unparalleled combination of explosive exercise, upper and lower body workout, and core-stability makes boxing a brilliant way to lose weight, tone muscle and get fit.

The private gym in which Bobby trains his clients is fully-equipped for boxing workouts, including a boxing ring. If clients wish, there is also the opportunity to spar with other ‘white-collar’ boxers who train with Bobby.

Bobby also provides boxing lessons for children, either individually, in small groups, or in schools.

Bobby makes boxing training enjoyable and challenging by using a variety of old-school boxing training techniques, including:

  • Punchbags
  • Skills and pad work
  • Running, skipping and ladders
  • Sparring
  • Medicine balls, tyre-throws and battle ropes
  • Power training
  • And much more!